22 February 2021

Let’s Travel – A Plethora of Traveling Options

By imogengraham

Travel is the movement of individuals between different, often distant geographical areas. Travel is done by foot, car, train, plane, bicycle, bus, boat or other mode, with or without personal luggage, to and from a destination and is one way or series of trips. Some forms of travel, such as air travel and road travel, may require some form of license or registration, depending on the rules and regulations in a particular destination. Some forms of travel such as land travel are not controlled by licensing or registration and may be undertaken without special travel documents. Travel within the European Union is allowed without any registration or licensing required. Travel within some other countries requires registration and licensing as well as currency exchange and payment of certain duties and taxes.

We can understand travel meaningfully when we experience different places and think about them from different perspectives. To put things in another way, our travel experiences can either be a new adventure in itself or a way to experience the old and the new. When we travel, we let ourselves be limited by time and space. We are free to see and do things that are not possible to do or experience in a single place or in a single time.

The freedom of travelling means that we do not have to fit our entire lives into one place. Instead, we can travel to places that are far away but equally exciting to us. We can see different places, feel different sights, smell different smells and even think in different ways while travelling. We can bring friends and family along with us or just go by ourselves; it all depends on the kind of experience we are looking for in a travel experience and the willingness to let go of our normal life and just enjoy the ride.