22 February 2021

The Many Faces of Traveling

By keithross

Travel is the moving transfer of individuals between various distant geographic locations. Travel can generally be done by car, plane, bicycle, foot, boat, train, bus, boat or any other mode of transport, with or without personal luggage, and may be one way travel or round trip travel. The earliest forms of travel were through land and sea, through caves and above mountain ranges, with little in the way of modern amenities except for food and shelter, and typically involved long journeys on small boats or by camel. Today there are air routes, railroads, roadways, ferries, airports, and cableways that have made modern travel convenient, quick, and relatively inexpensive. With so much available choice, the world has become a wide open space for travel.

For many people, traveling is not just about leaving the everyday life they know and going to a new place of adventure and discovery. Travel can also be a time for revitalizing the soul, getting new ideas, meeting new people, discovering things like the equator or the Moon, getting out of the house, getting away from it all, putting things back in perspective, or simply just getting back to being themselves. For children especially, traveling can involve going to new places, playing with new people, getting to know new things, meeting new friends, or just enjoying a completely new environment. For adults, travel can involve going on a cruise, taking a ski vacation, taking an airplane to a different part of the world, or visiting for a weekend. Many people also enjoy the luxury of shopping while on vacation, a type of “vacation,” as they call it, that takes them from town to town, state to state, or country to country.

While travel has come a long way, many people still don’t have a travel adventure. If you have always wanted to go on a road trip, but you don’t know where to begin, then a road trip is just what you need. Whether you are planning a one place travel experience in another country or across the United States, or you’re thinking of traveling to a foreign city for a weekend to experience something new, there are now more ways than ever before that you can take part in travel. One place you can go is Miami-Dade County public school’s Tri-County Library, which offers several different types of free educational trips including community college trips, cultural events, nature walks, and trips to the libraries. You could take a cultural tour of Miami, visit the Miami Dade Museum and Learning Center, or learn Spanish at the Latin America and Caribbean Learning Institute.