22 February 2021

Tourism and Travel

By megan2014

Travel is the transfer of individuals between different, distant geographical locations. Travel can take place by car, plane, train, bicycle, foot, bus, boat or any other mode, with or without cargo, and is one way or round trip journey. This type of transport is used by people for all kinds of purposes, including business and pleasure. In large numbers traveling is done for tourism and commuting reasons.

There are various reasons for traveling; to know the reason behind your travel you need to understand travel. The major purpose of travel is to visit places of interest and to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are various ways of travel, like, long distance traveling, short vacation to another city, leisure trip, picnic trip, camping, mountain climbing, sightseeing, etc. There are several airlines and tour operators who provide air tours, that include city exploring in a city, cultural excursion, heritage and historical tours, etc.

One of the fastest growing industries in India is tourism and people travel to India for tourism purposes, to enjoy the beautiful landscape, beaches, snow capped mountains, golden desert, etc. Most of the visitors come from western and central parts of India, where the climate is quite mild and the tourist season is more like one year. There is also a great influx of tourists from east and north-west India, as there is very less rainy season in these regions. North and South Indian destinations are best for heritage and culture tourism, whereas there is a high influx of tourists from the east and west. People travel to Kerala to spend their golden years in a serene environment, where they can enjoy various traditional activities, like fishing, boating, walking, trekking, river cruising, river rafting, hill-staying, etc.